• Guardian Live Features

    Guardian Live Service includes a SIM card & all your data - from £4.00 per month

    24x7 Monitoring

    Guardian Live updates the position of your Land Rover every 60 seconds

    Protected Locations

    Set a home & office location and monitor your Land Rover. If it leaves the location you are immediately alerted.

    Movement History

    Guardian Live stores 90 days of movement history

    Mobile App

    Android & iPhone app for real-time tracking & alerts


    ignition & door alarm with notifications sent directly to you (email & SMS)

    Disable Vehicle

    Use the remote fuel cut off to disable the vehicle if suspected stolen

    Data & SIM

    Included is an activated SIM and your monthly data top up (no extra data costs)

  • Comparison


    Tracker ||| Guardian ||| Rewire 103-RS ||| DefenderDefender

    Price ||| £29.99 ||| £54.99 ||| £195.00

    Data & Software |||£4.99 per month ||| No data included + £20 per year ||| £10.00 per month

    External Antennas ||| Yes ||| Yes ||| No

    Remote fuel cut off ||| Yes ||| Yes ||| Yes

    Ignition alarm ||| Yes ||| Yes ||| Yes

    Door alarm ||| Yes ||| Yes ||| Yes

    Movement alert ||| Yes ||| Yes ||| Yes

    Smart Phone App ||| Yes ||| Yes ||| Yes

    Land Rover icons ||| Yes ||| No ||| No

  • Happy Customers

    Stuart, Cotswolds

    Land Rover 110

    " I bought my Land Rover 110 about 8-months ago and it had no tracker fitted.


    But after reading and hearing about all the thefts of Land Rover's, I figured I must get one installed. If nothing else I maybe able to recover it if it ever got stolen.


    It was easy to install and I can now use the mobile app to check on it's location day & night."

  • Tracker - £29.99 | Guardian Live - £4.99 per month